Reserve Hola Vida : In this tropical humid forest reserve we will make a trek to the Cascada del Chamán; on the way we will have an explanation of food plants, hallucinogenic, edible and poisonous as well as the observation of butterflies and insects, at the end of the journey we can take a refreshing bath in the waterfall that has a drop of 30 meters high.
Other activities are: canoe tour on the Puyo River; visit to the Indichuris viewpoint and to a Kichua Indigenous Community, welcome by the women of the community with cassava chicha and cultural coexistence.

Rafting on the Pastaza River

Rafting on the Pastaza River: Let yourself be carried away by the adrenaline and the action while navigating the surprising waters of the Pastaza River. Enjoy good moments feeling nature at its best when submerged in the rapids.
It is an activity where you can share with friends, swim in the river and learn from the best guides in Rafting that will train and deliver all the equipment and safety rules to make your experience pleasantly unforgettable as shown in our video.

Tourist Attractions of Puyo

Wild Animal Rescue Center Yana Cocha: You will be able to observe several Amazonian species that have been recovered from the wildlife traffic, the tour can be done with a guide or do it on your own thanks to the self-guided trail which will tell you all the information of the animals, the time it will take to travel the place is at least 1 hour.

Las Orquídeas botanical garden : It is a conservation area of ​​Amazonian flora in which we find timber, medicinal and ornamental varieties. It works in a rescued area that was used as pasture, today it is a source of life where we find more than 350 species of orchids and an interpretive museum of the food chain in which insects achieve the balance of the ecosystem.

Exotic Bird Park: A collection of some of the most beautiful birds in the world is located in Puyo; This is a very interesting bird zoo where you will learn a lot about a great variety of species brought from the farthest corners of the Earth.
The real park of exotic birds has adequate facilities for its breeding and management, the place is very nice and presents excellent trails adorned with gardens of wild plants; The park has one hectare of land and houses around 500 birds from all over the world.

Misahualli Port

Puerto Misahualli : It is the first tourist port of the Amazon; It is located in the province of Napo at 1:15 from Puyo; in the village you can observe the monkeys that live in freedom, make a motorized canoe tour along the river to visit a community tourism project that offers visitors typical dances; crafts, museum of traps, etc. 5 minutes from the center on the road to Pununo we have an impressive giant ceibo and close to the town after a walk of about 20 minutes you will find the beautiful Latas waterfall.
After visiting these attractions we invite you to enjoy the best food surrounded by a relaxing natural environment in El Misahualli Garden Restaurant