Omaere Park was one of the first ethnobotanical parks in Latin America. Ethnobotany studies the relationships between cultures and the plants that surround them. Whether for medicine, housing, religion or food, plants are a fundamental part of the life of the Amazonian indigenous people.

The park is also dedicated to teaching about various indigenous cultures of the Ecuadorian Amazon and in this regard you can see typical houses within the park.

You can discover the diversity of useful plants along the trails of the park through guided walks. These can last one to two hours, depending on the interest of the visitors. People in a hurry can go through some of the most important points within a half hour. The walks are conducted by native guides, biologists, interns and volunteers.

During the tour, we know about useful plants (whether food, cultural, medicinal or for materials), the Shuar and Waorani cultures (social life, typical houses, weapons, tools) and enjoy nature with its small wonders.

Source: Omaere

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