In the center of the Ecuadorian Amazon lies Pastaza, the largest, varied and exuberant province of Ecuador, birthplace of 7 different indigenous nationalities from a rich cultural legacy that manifests itself in the rhythm of their dances, the details in their ceramics, the exquisiteness of their gastronomy and in the wisdom of their ancestral knowledge.

In this land there is an abundance of resources and the limitless and the still incomplete exploration of the world of flora and fauna deep in the jungle, attributes that convert this into one of the most biodiverse sites of the planet, a perfect place of rest for lovers of tranquility.

The location. We are situated on the banks of the River Puyo, at the start of the tourist walk, a beautiful pathway of 2 ½ km following the path of the river.

The natural environment, the stream of crystal clear water crosses your path as you enter and flows around the restaurant, with abundant vegetation from the area.

All the structures are made of wood, only the kitchen and bathrooms of the restaurant are made of ceramic.

The access is over the footbridge over the River Puyo, which separate the city from what is considered a protected area within the city, which keeps us apart from the noise from the city.

The restaurant is considered by locals and visitors alike as the best in the city.