Botanical garden the puyo orchids

The Amazonian Flora Rescue Center “Las Orquídeas Botanical Garden”, is a model of environmental conservation, dedicated to the restoration of ecosystems in degraded areas, constituting a scenario mainly for the preservation and conservation of the environment through scientific research, education environmental and tourism, being also an alternative recreation for humanity.

The Botanical Garden is a private dependency, responsible for planning, executing and evaluating strategies, guidelines and actions tending to consolidate a culture of respect for the natural environment, contributing to the defense and protection of the environment, through scientific research of the flora and fauna of the Amazon.

It is product of the idea that arose in the year 1980 in Puyo; It has become one of the most important attractions in the country for its scientific, environmental and cultural content, thanks to the initiative of Mr. Omar Tello and the unconditional support of his family.

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